Rereading, inner speech
and existential reading

A quasi-simultaneous complement to rereading


In 1993, at the same time with Rereading, Matei Călinescu published an essay—“Orality in Literacy: Some Historical Paradoxes of Rereading”—that can be taken as a way of already rereading and complementing his own book. In an enlarged form, this essay was later included in the volume Second Thoughts. A Focus on Rereading edited by David Galef (1998)[1] as well as in the second edition of the Romanian translation of Rereading published in 2007.[2] […]


[1]  All page indications in this section will refer to this volume.

[2]  Cf. “Addendum I” (1998) in Călinescu (2007), p. 297–317.


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